The Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman in Saint - Petersburg is the most famous monument in honor of Peter the Great. It is located in the open square on the Senate Square, being a unique creation not only of Russian, but also of the world's culture.

The sculptor Etienne Maurice Falconet dynamically depicted Peter the Great’s figure on reared horse, in fact, Falconet wished to demonstrate not only a commander and conqueror, but primarily of the effectuator and legislator. We can see the Emperor in the modest clothes, instead of the luxurious saddle - animal skin. The only two details revealing the legislator are the laurel wreath and the sword at the belt. The monument’s location on top of the rock demonstrates the challenges faced by the Emperor, and the snake symbolizes the defeated evil forces. The monument is unique due to the three fulcrums. The sign “Catherine II to Peter I” is completed on  the plinth, in fact, on the other side this text is translated to Latin. The weight of The Bronze Horseman approximates to eight tons and the height is five meters.

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