EXPOFORUM is the most modern venue in Russia and Europe, designed for business and cultural entertainment events of any scale and format, including exhibitions, congresses, forums, concerts, film premieres, sporting events, congresses, corporate events, etc. EXPOFORUM is located near Pulkovo International Airport, on the highest point of the Northern capital - Pulkovo Heights, from where a unique panorama of the city opens. The complex has a complete infrastructure required for various events. The total area is 56 hectares.

How to Get There?

Location Coordinates: 59.76351, 30.35746


  • Free- shuttle buses in the days of events to the metro station "Moskovskaya". Directions from the hotel "Rossiya" to the "Moskovskaya" metro station: 510 meters from the hotel "Rossiya" till the bus station "Kuznetsovskaya street" (155/23) - take the bus №3, 26,50/ minibus № К-213, К-226, К-3, К-350 - to the bus station metro "Moskovskaya." From the metro station "Moskovsaya" the branded shuttle to Expoforum.
  • 510 meters from the hotel "Rossiya" to the bus stop to the bus "Kuznetsovskaya Ulitsa" (155/23) then bus №3/ minibus № К-213, К-3, К-350 - to the station "Victory Square"  - then bus №187/ minibus К-299, К-545, К-545 to the station "Expoforum" , then - 500 meters (6 minutes by walking) to "Expoforum."

With the Private Car 

  • Chernyshevskaya Square - Moscovsiy Prospekt - Pulkovskoe Shosse- exit to Petersburgskoye Shosse till the entrance to "Expoforum."

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