The Summer Garden

After your visit to this green island right in the center of Saint-Petersburg, you can almost transfer to the former epoch and acquire a better sense of the  city on the Neva River celebrated by the poets.

The Summer Garden is surrounded by water on all sides. Ultimately, the park neighbors with Neva River on the North and Fontanka River on the East, in addition to the Moika river on the South and Lebyazh’ya Kanavka. From the Neva River deep into the area there are three alleys parallely situated, those are crossed by the perpendicular paths.

Speaking of the new facilities in the Summer Garden - the Museum of Archeology, with the exhibition of the highly fascinating objects, found by archaeologists over the course of the park’s restorations. The Manure Pond, recently redesigned, got a new pavilion, the small Greenhouse and Birdwatch. The visitors are able to make an excursion across the park, on Sundays the park holds the concerts of Brass Bands and variety of Exhibitions.

By looking at this miraculous garden, Coffee and Tea Houses, a magnificent grid and the Palace of Peter the Great, Ivan Krylov’s monument, marble sculptures, porphyry vase and fountains, therefore, it is courageous enough to say that The Summer Garden in Saint-Petersburg is Museum of Art in the open air.

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