Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress - is the oldest architectural monument of the city. The establishnment of Peter and Paul Fortress considers to be the founding date of Saint - Petersburg. In fact, the monument began the city's history. 

The territory of Peter and Paul Fortress has the main exhibition headquarters of the History State Museum of Saint - Petersburg. It includes Peter and Paul Cathedral, Grand Ducal Burial Vault, Church House, Botnyy House  Commandant's House, Time Street Children's Historical Museum, and the prison of Troubetskoy Bastion, addittionally, to the spacious flower beds, and variety of buildings and constructions. 

Excursions in the Peter and Paul Fortress 

  • sightseeing tour;
  • Petersburg-Petrograd 1703-1918 years.;
  • guided tour of the Commandant's House;
  • excursion to the bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral  «Three Centuries above the City»;
  • «The Street of the Time» in the Children's Historical Museum;  
  • sightseeing tour of the Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocketry. 

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