Petersburg’s SCC

The Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex was founded in 1995 and is the legal successor of the Lenin Sports and Concert Complex, established in 1980.

Petersburg’s SCC conforms to the Committee on Physical Culture and Sport of the Government of St. Petersburg. The complex actively participates in the implementation of federal and city target programs aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, mass and professional sports. The world and European championships, the largest international tournaments in various sports: football, tennis and table tennis, taekwondo, fencing, trampoline, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, judo, various kinds of wrestling, volleyball and basketball.

The complex regularly hosts charity, community and volunteer events, such as the musical and sports festival for teenagers and young people, World Without Drugs, Healthy Family - Healthy Russia, public action “I Choose Sport!”, City holiday “Freshman Day” , volunteer action “Healthy Petersburg - youth choice”

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