Teatralnaya Square

“Teatralnaya” Square in Saint-Petersburg, has a few cultural landmarks such as the“Mariinsky” theatre and the oldest Conservatory in Russia, which is famous not only within the country, but also abroad.

Mariinsky Theatre’s facade was designed by the famous Russian architect V.A Shreter. The interior of the theatre has remained similar stylistic choices: a luxurious drop curtain, a splendid Tsar’s lodge, and a crystalline chandelier. The color pallette of the interior has also endured the same - azure blue with the droplets of gold around the space surrounds the viewer with the exquisite atmosphere all around. The design differs with the abundance of architecture choices. Winding columns, detached cornices, molding in the form of female masks and figures. We can view distinct ornaments, as the figures of both Atlantes and Cariatides embellish the lodges. The dome with the imagery of dancing women and cupids (completed by the E. Francioli, with the sketches of H. Dousi). The dome is surrounded with the portraits of the famous Russian dramaturgists. Lastly, the artists such as A.N. Benua, M.V. Dobujinsky, K.A. Korovin, B.M. Kustodiev were involved in the completion of the theatre’s design.

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