Raiffeisen Bank

10% Discount is provided for the residency when you pay with  Standard: Visa Electron / Maestro / Visa Classic / MasterCard Standard / Visa Business / MasterCard Business / Visa Corporate / MasterCard Corporate / Visa Classic Unembossed /MasterCard Unembossed / МТС-Райффайзенбанк Visa Classic /Austrian Airlines-Райффайзенбанк MasterCard Standard / Золотая середина MasterCard Standard / Elle-Райффайзенбанк MasterCard Standard / МАЛИНА- Райффайзенбанк Visa Classic.

15% Discount is provided   for the residency when you pay with  GOLD: Visa Gold  /  MasterCard Gold  / МТС-Райффайзенбанк  Visa Gold  /  MasterCard Gold Package  /  Austrian Airlines -Райффайзенбанк  MasterCard Gold  /  Austrian Airlines -Райффайзенбанк  MasterCard World  /  Visa Travel Gold  / Elle-Райффайзенбанк MasterCard Gold / Elle Limited Edition-Райффайзенбанк MasterCard Gold / Золотая середина MasterCard Gold / МАЛИНА- Райффайзенбанк MasterCard World / Gold MasterCard Limited Edition.

20% Discount is provided  fo0r the residency when you pay with: Premium Banking: Visa Platinum Premium / MasterCard Platinum Premium MasterCard World Black Edition Premium / Austrian Airlines —  Райффайзенбанк  MasterCard World Black Edition Premium / Visa Platinum Premium Travel / Visa Platinum Premium Direct, а также категории Private Banking: Visa Platinum Private / Visa Infinite / Austrian Airlines —  Райффайзенбанк  MasterCard World Black Edition Private / MasterCard World Black Edition Private / Visa Platinum Private Travel / MasterCard World Elite.

*discount is provided only for the residency,the discount does not apply on food and drinks.

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