от 4 700 rub. p/day

Area: 273 м2

Number of Seats: 250

The fixed conference room with a capacity of 250 seats is equipped with a modern conference system, & a multimedia projector; & and an air-conditioning system.

"Petrovsky" - a conference room with the most modern equipment. This is a stationary hall for 250 seats with an area of 273 m2. Hall "Petrovsky" provides participants with all the necessary conference services. The following companies have already been convinced of the advantages of the Petrovsky conference hall at conferences in St. Petersburg: Castrol, Pfizer, Shell, Andreas Wins, Chipita, Wild Orchid, TGK-1 and many others.

Hall Capacity and Rates

Conference Hall Price
Conference Hall "Petrovsky" 4 700
Conference Hall "Petrovsky" with video presentation and sound systems. 6 000
Conference Hall "Petrovsky" with sound 5 000
Conference Hall "Petrovsky" with simultaneous translation 5 500
Conference hall "Petrovsky" conference system (incl. All equipment) 6 500

Types of seating

Conference Hall Seating types and number of places





Buffet Table

Round Table


Conference Hall "Petrovsky" 250

When renting conference rooms for more than 4 hours a day, a discount is given -  5% of the total cost of the hall, more than 8 hours a day - 10%  of the total cost of the hall.


  • tribune
  • presidium
  • air conditioning system
  • screen
  • conference system
  • projector
  • microphones

Addittional Equipment

  • laser pointer
  • receiver + headphones of simultaneous translation
  • cliquer
  • flip-chart
  • wall screens
  • office board
  • radiomicrophones
  • the possibility of video conferencing over IP channel>

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